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Evaluation of Research-based Instructional Resource
W. Matthew Gentry, II
Lincoln Memorial University Abstract
Successmaker is an online research-based Response-To-Intervention. This paper is a critique of a 2012-13 study done by Gatti Evaluations Inc. The sample study covers eighteen schools from the Midwest and west coast. The schools implemented Successmaker for third and fifth grade interventions. The results showed that Successmaker improved reading and math deficiency areas.
Evaluation of Research-based Instructional Resource Successmaker is a computerized research-based supplement for Tier II intervention. The primary goal of Successmaker is to assist struggling learners with math and reading deficits. Each of …show more content…

Research During the late 1960s, Dr. Patrick Suppes of Stanford University started Successmaker. Computer Curriculum Corporation then bought the program before Pearson Digital Learning acquired it (Thrall, 2003, pg. 1). In 2007, Pearson Education purchased Successmaker. Since then, Gatti Evaluation Inc. has done numerous studies on the effectiveness of Successmaker. The intent of this paper is to critique their study done for the 2012-2013 school year. This study took place in eighteen schools across “six different states (i.e., Arizona, California, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon, and Texas” (Gatti, 2013). Each school went through a process of being selected, beginning with a Pearson sales representative identifying these specific schools. Pearson sent out the description of the study of what was to be expected throughout the program. After this step, the schools had to fill out a questionnaire regarding the requirements of the program to ensure they understood their duties. All of the schools in this study were located in middle class communities, with each school being eligible for a free or reduced lunch program. Third and fifth grade intervention students were the focus of the study (Gatti, 2013). To truly gain more insight on the effectiveness of Successmaker, the research team needed to expand their sample size by more than six states, including southern and northeastern states. This action would show

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