Essay On Retrieval Practice

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I, Caroline Guerrero, should use retrieval practice more often in studying material for Biology 181 because it will help me learn more effectively. Practicing the retrieval practice for newly learned information helps strengthen the connections between the brain cells and allows for you easily recall the information more quickly (Doyle, 2008, p.13). For Biology 181, I feel as if the retrieval practice will be beneficial for me and help me exceed in this class as to that practicing the retrieval of this already learned information to help me learn similar information or to apply to other problems beyond those asked in a classroom setting. Several ways to practice the retrieval practice when studying material for Biology 181 is to practice questions from the textbook to learn concepts in Biology 181 will allow you to recall the information without looking at the textbook. Instead of just looking over your notes, if you practice retrieval you’re more likely to remember the information later, and also more likely to be able to use and apply the information in new situations (Doyle,2008, p.10). Also, by writing down what you know about a topic in biology, such as trying to learn and fully understand evolution, will allow for you to recall the information and you can also organize your ideas into a concept map. Additionally, you can teach…show more content…
By practicing, talking and writing about a topic, this is the only way our brain can make permanent connections about the information we are trying to learn as studies have shown such as the retrieval practice study, that those students in the retrieval practice group overall scored higher over
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