Essay On Return To Work After Traumatic Brain Injury

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Return to Work after Traumatic Brain Injury: Systematic Review With all the rest required when recovering from a traumatic brain injury, there is a lot of productivity lost in the work place. This loss of productivity has also been shown to result lack of job stability. There is not any exact data on the amount of financial data lost due specifically to TBI, but the annual cost of acute care and rehabilitation as close to reaching 10 billion dollars (Vuadens 2006). The main focus of a study by Saltychev was about returning to work following a TBI. He was identifying factors that are able to predict successful employment after a traumatic injury. Four of the trials he explored were found had positive interventions with returning to work.…show more content…
The SF-12 questionnaire was used to assess the health status of the subjects. The data was looked at sorting by gender differences and the activity level categories as they wanted to know these differences. The results showed a significant effect between physical activity levels and health status but there was not a significant change when looking at health status when separating by gender. The effect found between physical activity levels and mental health showed that 150 minutes was sufficient to increase mental health. For all physical activity over 150 minutes there was not an increase to show the subjects continued to increase their health status. A home-based walking study to ameliorate perceived stress and depressive symptoms in people with a traumatic brain injury Bellon wanted to determine whether a 12-week walking program would decrease perceived stress and depression symptoms in persons with traumatic brain injuries. She began with saying people with TBIs can lead to chronic problems with fatigue, physical and emotional health, community reintegration and social isolation. She recruited participants in the San Francisco area that had sustained a concussion within the past
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