Essay On Reunification Of Berlin Wall

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The spotlight of this research will be “To what extent the fall of the Berlin wall caused economic issues and later the reunification of Germany?’’ And will analyze how the fall of this wall cause the reunification of Germany and the changes in economy and social aspects in this country by this reunification. When this wall tear down it changed many aspects in all the world, but this investigation will be center in how much the reunification of Germany affected in the economy and social life in Germany. So, the speech gave by Günter Schabowski, the responsible of the fall, is important to reach the purpose of this investigation. Also, an interview with Rudolf Seiters, an important negotiator in the reunification of Germany, will communicate how it affected the German Society.
Source: Extract from the speech gave by Günter Schabowski, Press
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In this speech, Gunter Schabowski talks about the new travel laws that would let people travel and cross the wall into West Germany. He talks about the decisions that Politburo Party made, in order to control the permanent exit of the Republic and communicate the creation of new travel laws for people from the GDR. The value of this source takes root in how this speech or the incorrect interpretation of this one, was a decisive factor for the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Günter Schabowsi was the spokesman of the Party Politburo of the East German Communist Republic and he was in charge of communicate an important notice that unintentionally, ended with the wall.
The purpose of Schabowski with his speech was to communicate the new travel laws and regulation, and communicate that people immediately can travel across the wall. He said this in a press conference, so his audience was people from the German Democratic Republic, to let them know about the new regulations created by the Party
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