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The Rodeo World Rodeo has been around for several decades and has gradually become very popular around the world. The three events that have been apart of the rodeo since the beginning include saddle bronc, steer roping, and bull riding. Rodeo is a great sport for cowboys and cowgirls to compete in an event that suits their lifestyle. These contests have changed dramatically since the first official rodeo in the late 1800’s. Because the rodeo event was created in 1888, ranchers culture has been brought to the world and created into a world wide sport.
The roots of rodeo trace back to the Spanish settling California and becoming cattle ranchers. The vaqueros skills were learned and passed down to the American cowboys who was keen on accomplishing the skills of the Spaniards. These abilities were passed down easily because the frontier territories were heavily expanding after the civil war. In the late 1800s, the
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The events varied greatly from rodeo to rodeo. The world’s oldest rodeo was in Prescott, Arizona and held its first competition on July 4th, 1888. Later rodeos began branching off of the first Prescott competition. This rodeo established prizes awards, rules for competition, admission charged, cowboys invited to complete, and a committee to organize. The events include bronc riding, steer roping, and cow pony races. The first “rodeo” was called a “Cowboy Tournament” and was added to the 4th of July activities(Freeman, Danny). They added these to encourage more people to come to town and spend money at the merchants and enjoy the festivities. Many towns today hold a rodeo at their local arena on the 4th of July. It is a very popular date to hold an event. Patriotism attracts people from all over the state to attend these rodeos held on special holidays.The Prescott Rodeo was a great success and the contestants and spectators were thrilled with the entire
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