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The Life of a Refugee: Story of a Muslim Rohingya The Rohingya is an ethnic minority who has lived for centuries in Arakan, a small area in Burma, currently known as Rakhine. Although they are living in a Buddhist majority country, the majority of the Rohingya are Muslims. In 1982, their lives have changed drastically as the Myanmar government has rejected their citizenship. Since then, they are regarded as a ‘stateless’ ethnic group and their rights within the country have been restricted. The Rohingya are controlled by the Myanmar government causing them not able to move without permission and sadly many of them were persecuted and killed. However, some of them take the initiative to flee to neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. According to the recent statistics by the United Nations, since 2012 over 500,000 Rohingyas have fled to other countries. Unfortunately, some countries do not really welcome their entry and they were treated badly. Conversations with this young Muslim Rohingya man are to explore his life experiences as a refugee and find out more about the Rohingya Muslims from his perspective. The interview has been held face-to-face on the 28th of October this year at a Burmese restaurant in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Since he is able to speak English and Malay,…show more content…
We have been rejected in education, employment, and ownership sectors. Muslim Rohingya children could not go to school with their Muslim names and the adults could not get a proper job because of their religion and ethnicity status. They can only be slaves to Burmese employers who have a valid citizen status. After we have been denied by the government, the condition became even worse with the occurrence of genocide or killings which the government claimed as ‘ethnic
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