Essay On Roman Empire

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We all associate the Roman Empire with grandeur, innovation, and success. After all, Rome was one of the largest empires of all time, with their culture arms spreading from Britain to Africa. So why did it fall? Well, the Roman Empire had been on the decline for years but there are four major reasons why this ancient powerhouse crumbled to legend. Through failings in the social, military, economic, and political aspects of Rome, the empire fell. By far one of the biggest issues in Roman was the social aspect of government. These issues are complex as many other issues from other sectors feed into this one class of problem. People are truly the heart of a civilization. The problem in Rome is that they grew lazy. As seen in Documents 2 and 3,…show more content…
Soldiers were few and far between as recruitment laws often went unenforced. The soldiers recruit were often lazy and even abandoned their armor for the sake of sloth as seen in Document 2. The result was a small, untrained, and unequipped army heading the front of a military based economy. During this moment of weakness several other civilizations also invaded, creating other social issues. As mentioned before, Rome’s economy was based almost entirely on warfare and the acquisitions of new lands with new fortunes. With a weak military that was not only was not conquering new lands, but actually losing them, the economy crashed. Numerous natural disasters also contributed to the chaos. As mentioned in Document 7, earthquakes and floods destroyed great swathes of cities, costing a massive amount in rebuilding cost and life and property loss. These issues were also worsened by a lack of political wellness. In ancient Rome, the emperors rarely lived for more than a few years. That combined with corrupt senators and a failing economy can only spell disaster for politics. People were untrusting of their own government and its inability to keep itself afloat. All of these four issues mentioned above ultimately led to the fall of one of the greatest empires to ever exist. Today it’s up to us to us to observe these mistakes and make sure we never make them
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