Essay On Roswell New Mexico

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Roswell, New Mexico
To many people, Roswell is a small, lousy city with not very much to do. To others, Roswell is a great community, the perfect place to retire, to me Roswell is home. Throughout my life, I have traveled to many places. I have been to “Sin City” (Las Vegas, NV), Denver, Colorado, Lubbock, Texas, and Chihuahua, Mexico. I love traveling; it’s fun to explore new sights and places. But no matter where I roam, Roswell, New Mexico will always be home. I was born and raised in this quiet and peaceful city. However, Roswell, hasn’t always been a quiet place. In July of 1947, an unidentified object crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. According to the story, a local rancher discovered the object and drove to Roswell to report it. The crash site was eventually closed and the wreckage was handled by the
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Rumor has it, the object was a saucer, but according to the military, the object was a weather balloon. There has been witnesses that claim they saw pieces of the object firsthand and they described them as “unusual” and “never before seen”. Many people think the weather balloon story was a cover up for what really happened, but to this day, no one really knows what actually happened. Ever since then, this conspiracy has attracted, and keeps attracting many tourists to visit the UFO Museum here in Roswell. However, the UFO Museum is not the only impressive thing this town has to offer. Roswell is also home to one of the most unexpected McDonald’s you will ever see. This McDonald’s is actually shaped to look like an open flying saucer that has a space theme inside. It was made to impress and represent what Roswell is most known for,” the UFO crash of ‘47”. In addition to the alien conspiracy, Roswell is also known for its great state park. Bottomless Lakes State Park is a great place to visit with family in the summer. According to the legend, the lake is supposedly bottomless, but it actually turns out that the lake the
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