Essay On Run Down House

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It was a small suburban town called plumpton with your average church, corner store, schools, and etc. . There is one thing that is out of the ordinary was just up the street from the town was a old run down house with a old rigidity playground with a swing that made a little creek sound every time the cold wind blew on it. It also had a slide and a sandbox but there have rumors about seeing foot prints in the sandbox a small foot from a child no older then eight years old. There also have been rumors about a little girl walking around looking no more then seven years old but she is barley seen so some people think that the little girl is waiting for her family to return. Then one day a couple the wife name Samantha and the husband named…show more content…
And about a week later Jorge had installed video cameras and a alarm system. A month has gone by with out a sign of any paranormal, it was Trace birthday and she was turning 2 years old already she was walking she like playing in her playground she like going up and down the slide. And like playing in her sandbox there she played there for about 30 min talking to her imaginary her friend like to be called Sara. So when Trace birthday has started she had ask her mom to let Sara have a piece of cake Samantha said “baby we cant waste cake like that so trace just let it go and said ok and gave Sara her piece of cake, but her mom didn’t let her so she got the piece of cake and gave it back to Trace, but Trace got mad and through the cake and then she ran into her room. The party ended and then Samantha felt bad and went to go say sorry to Trace but the door was lock so she started getting worried so she called out to Trace and said baby come out no response so she called Jorge to unlock the door and when he opened the door there nothing insight except a piece of paper say bye mommy and daddy, but they both new that Trace did not know how to right so they bot h check the tapes to see she might have gone and when they saw the tape they both where in shock. They saw that got though the window but she was not alone there was another little girl there helping her but it was a very faint image of the girl so
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