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Sexually transmitted infections are infections spread through sexual contact, affecting one’s reproductive organs or causing broader infection within the body. These venereal diseases range in severity and areas of foci, having the ability to cause anything from mild irritation to fatalities in carriers and newborns. Women possess a particular susceptibility to STI acquisition as women have a higher biological vulnerability for STIs, and less power over sexual situations than men (Branković, 2013). Therefore, it is important to aggressively study women as a demographic of interest in regards to STIs and sexual health issues. This paper demonstrates how STI acquisition has detrimental affects on woman at all stages of life. Areas of…show more content…
Alternatively, primary infertility can arise due to prior STI acquisition. Pelvic Inflammatory disease (PID) is known to cause increased morbidity in female populations. Its’ onset is widely associated with various STIs and therefore, indirectly increases the disease burden. Sexually transmitted diseases such as C trachomatis and N gonorrhea are linked to the onset of PID, along with bacterial vaginosis (Simms et al., 2000), known for augmenting STI susceptibility. Pathological conditions associated with PID include ectopic pregnancies and tubal factor infertility, with the risk of ectopic pregnancies increasing for C trachomatis positive women based on number of PID experiences (Simms et al., 2000). Note within industrialized countries PID makes up 94% of STI related morbidity in women and increases risk of ovarian cancer (Simms et al., 2000) Infertility, especially in developing nations, can challenge hegemonic womanhood and make infertile women feel as though they cannot fulfill their family building role to the same capacity as fertile women. Marriage prospects may be adversely affected and societal exclusion may result from this limitation, challenging one’s identity. Furthermore, a woman’s own desire to expand her family and have children will be compromised, possibly creating adverse psychological affects Transferable infections are a significant cause of fetal morbidity and mortality. Vertical transmission of STIs can
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