Essay On Samsung Human Resource Management

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This research paper is about the strategic human resource innovation and entrepreneurship fit. Strategic human resource management can be seen as for the innovation in CHINA. This research was carried out the main dimensions of strategic human resource management (SHRM). And also they effect the organization in respect to the entrepreneurship and innovation.
The new challenges from CHINA, they promoting the reform of the organization.And also encourage the innovation and the entrepreneurship.So the manpower practices focuses on the shifting the employee level of strategic human resource management (SHRM).There also demand is increasing for the strategies of human resource management, innovation and the entrepreneurship.
Then there
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As we know that the challenge is moving beyond home markets. Few years ago, some people would analyze that Samsung transfer itself at very low cost. Samsung has western business it has Japanese system, which is combined with low- cost process and high quality, also high margin on the branded products. There is a two sets of business practices, as an organization is focused on the continuously improvement and Samsung also introduced an innovation.
Then Samsung introduced the outsiders speak the language which is unfamiliar with the culture of company. Merit pay and promotion is also introduced by Samsung, they putting some young people and give them authority on the bases of their positions.
Samsung now- a- days included the heir, Infosys and other companies, then they face the paradox. As they require continuous success which made them successful. There business system work with their home markets, when we move to the next- level , they in themselves is contradict. And when they move towards new plateaus, they have to do it again.
For many years Samsung progress traced in its home markets and they move towards the world stage. So this is the story which we have to behind and also we have to hold the chapters for the present generation and it seeking to be
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