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Enrichment Project: Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan has affected me emotionally, for the most part. I had no idea what World War II was like, and the movie made me feel like I was there. Even though in the movie, Captain Miller goes out of his way to save Private Ryan, it made me realize that soldiers actually did this back then to save their friend’s life. Maybe that certain person was not their friend, but soldiers would still risk their lives for other soldiers, just to gain respect and to “Leave no man behind”. This movie also made me realize what kind of contributions soldiers did back then to protect our freedom. People are getting mowed down in the first scene, drowning because of all their equipment, and getting limbs torn…show more content…
During one part of the movie, the men make a choice to run across an open field to get behind enemy lines. One of Miller’s men, Wade, was killed in the mini battle to get to cover. If it was me, I would try to figure out a different route that would not require my men to be put right up against the enemy. Miller and their men run out of ammo while they are holding a town called Ramelle. My goal would be to make sure everyone in my squad has enough ammo to last a German attack. To be honest, I would stay with Private Ryan to make sure that he stays alive and that the bridge is controlled by the Americans. If the bridge is lost, then the Germans would take over and then my squad and I would all be dead. My men and I would have to fight, but I would at least get more men to fight the Germans. During one scene, part of the 2nd SS Panzer Division arrive in Ramelle with infantry and armor. I would try to devise a plan to take out the Germans one-by-one, instead of facing tanks that take many bullets to destroy. I would make sure that each soldier knows what they are doing before I send them on their way. At Ramelle, one solider holds a sticky bomb for too long and ends up blowing himself up. I would inform my soldiers how to blow up the tanks, just in case the tanks invade and to save my soldiers’ lives. At the beginning of the movie, the soldiers arrive at Normandy and open up the doors of the Higgins boat. They open up the door right into Germans, which

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