Essay On Scholarly Writing And Plagiarism

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Scholarly writing and Plagiarism

Paraphrasing O’Conner’s paragraph
According to O’Conner, P. (2003), A well material is without difficulties in understanding the information that the writers wants to convey. He equates reading poorly written material with lifting a heavy weight. Good written material should be straight forward, direct to the point and interesting to the reader. Lack of clarity in writing is the making of the writer and not the reader. It is the proficient skill of the writer that makes his writing easy to understand and comprehend not lack of ambiguous words. He told readers not to mistake simple written material to lack of knowledge. (pp 195-196).
My Experience Using Grammarly and Turnitin
I have used Grammarly for my works before and when I used it this time I have some few critical risk to deal with like using active voice
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Which is a also a very good site to use. It doses what the two does. It does the grammar, spelling check, writing suggestion, plagiarism detection. It
Avoiding Plagiarisms and Paraphrasing using APA formatting
Plagiarism is the use of another person’s idea, view, suggestion or insight without recognizing them by proper citation or misrepresenting your own work.(Walden University, 2016). It is not done purposefully most of the time that why the Walden has to assist student to avoid this pitfall that will affect their academic integrity. APA format is used to avoid plagiarism. There is a saying in my place that says ignorance is not an excuse. We are provided with different resources to help with this damming threat and with lots of practice it will get better. According to APA manual, paraphrasing or directly quotation of others ideas o material needs proper citation. Without citation the reader will not understand that the writer has used an evidence base research in his work. It gives credit to the source and credibility to the writer’s work (Walden University, 2012f).
APA Formatting
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