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Should our school have school uniforms or not? The topic of school uniforms is an interesting topic due to the many views that people have on them. This issue is important because it could prevent the issue of bullying. It also could also make teens get to know each other based on character, rather than appearance. Many teens are judged based on how they look or what they are wearing. The students are the ones most affected by this issue. My claim is that school uniforms should be enforced because it could prevent students from bullying. Having uniforms could also help teens stop judging and labeling people by how they look or dress. People should get to know each other based on how they and who they are as a person. If everyone wore the same thing there could be a less tendency to judge others based on what they wear. Teens should learns that their individuality comes from within, not necessarily from what they wear or how they look. Some reasons and evidence that supports my claim are that studies have shown that most of the time the root of bullying is how another dresses. I have noticed that teenagers (myself included) tend to judge someone based on how they choose to dress. If someone does not dress up to standards, people tend to think they are weird or they should be avoided. This shows that people tend to focus on how someone dresses more that how they act. One can dress up to standards, but they could also be a really mean person. This could go the other way as

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