Essay On School Uniforms

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Madyson Stevens
Miss. Windish
English II
16 October 2017

Dress for Success Many schools have decided that having school uniforms is the best for their students. Other schools don’t want to limit the student’s freedom of speech. Schools can’t decide which is the best - have uniforms or not. School uniforms should be mandatory for all students considering the cost, right to freedom and academic success.
One reason why school uniforms should be mandatory is the cost. It is more economical for people because it will be cheaper to buy uniforms rather than to have a new outfit for every day. The students will not have to go out shopping every year for new clothes to wear. This can save families money for other activities. The may able to
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Uniforms provide a bully free environment for the students (“Reasons Why Schools Should Have Uniforms”).
Even though many kids don't like wearing uniforms they still make it fun. They wear jewelry and do their hair how they like. They are able to pick out shoes them shoes that helps to individualize their uniforms. Students like that they can still show off their personality through jewelry they wear, shoes or how they do there hair. The students are still able to go shopping and buy new clothes for when they are not in school. These are just a few examples of how the students can still make their uniforms about them (“Reasons why schools should have uniforms”).
Schools that require school uniforms look a little more formal and well put together because all students look the same and they are all wearing appropriate clothing. Schools that don't require school uniforms have kids wearing inappropriate clothing such as clothes that don't follow the dress code. Uniforms also help students focus more on school rather than what they are wearing. There are also kids that don't really care what they look like, so they wear sloppy or dirty clothing. It gives the school a bad representation if students are wearing those types of clothes (“Reasons why schools should have uniforms”).
When kids wear uniforms, it improves their attendance at school. Kids are more
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