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Last time in the SEO category, We discussed that how can we reduce the loading time of our blog that is really important for every webmaster to make their webpages load faster. And now we're going to share some On-Page and Off-Page SEO Tips that can help every blogger and webmaster to get high ranking in search results. Search Engine Optimization is important for every blogger or webmaster to drive real and huge traffic. But the person needs to understand the SEO before doing it. There are thousands of video tutorials, articles, tutorials and a lot of media on the web where we can easily learn SEO. We've also shared some SEO tips here previously which were really important. Just navigate to the SEO page from the top menu to get it. So, now…show more content…
So try to write small post titles with the main keywords only.
3. Optimize Images With ALT and Title Attributes

The third thing is that you've to optimize your images with the ALT and Title Attributes. These attributes will tell the search engine's crawlers that about what they are created or in other words, these attributes will describe the image to the search engine's robots and crawlers. Always try to add the main keywords and less than 5 word keyword in the image attributes for better SEO. These will help you to drive even more organic traffic from Image Search Engines. If you're a senior reader here then you may know that previously we'd discussed about the use of attributes in images. If not then I recommend you to go and read the article. Click here to learn about optimizing images with ALT and Title Attributes.
4. Optimize Permalink

Optimizing the permalink is another great idea for boosting the organic traffic. If you use Blogger as your blogging platform then you might know that Blogger automatically writes the short permalink of your post title but sometimes it looks chopped. If you look into deep then you will find out that it writes the first 5/6 words of the post title. If we manually write our custom permalink with the main keywords and in a good manner like compressing post title then it will be better for SEO. So, I recommend to write a short permalink for your each and every post with
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