Essay On Segregation And Discrimination Of African Americans

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Segregation and Discrimination of African Americans

There were many African-American struggles against racism in the United States. Back in the (1800-1920’s) there were also traces of historical things that legalized segregation. The Jim Crow laws helped with that by separating blacks and whites at school, work on trains, busses, etc… African Americans went to the government and the courts to help protect their constitutional rights, but the courts challenged earlier civil rights legislation and handed down a lot of decisions that made states not able to segregate people of color.

In the pivotal case of Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racially separate facilities, if equal, did not violate the Constitution. Segregation
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Legal segregation of schools was stopped in America by the feds and a bunch of supreme court decisions after brown v. board of education in 1954. All segregation was abolished by the civil rights act of 1964. It passed after civil rights demonstrations ended in public opinion turning against enforced segregation, without sanction of law, continues in varying degrees to now a days. The contemporary racial segregation seen in the United States in residential neighborhoods has been changed by public policies, mortgage discrimination, and redlining, among other things. Hyper segregation is a form of racial segregation that is made up of the geographical grouping of different races. This often occurs in cities where the people in the inside of the city are African Americans. The suburbs surrounding the inside are often white American people. The idea of hyper segregation gained its credibility in 1989. The work of Douglas Massey and Nancy A. Denton and their studies of "American Apartheid" when whites made the black ghetto during the first half of the 20th century. In order to isolate growing urban black populations by segregation among inner-city African-Americans. These
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