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Self assessment plays a important role in the success of an organisation. An organisation should employ different activities to reach its objectives. An organisation may make its assessment report to find out its activities are performing well. According to the best knowledge and experiences of members of an organisation systems needs to be designed and decided. A company cannot be confident without them verifying their process are effective. Against the objective the assessment need to be done to determine the extent of the achievement.

The use of self assessment is to help organisations achieve high performance and move toward performance excellence. The Baldridge framework help organisation evaluate their processes, their impact on results
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• Conclusions are translated into business strategy and action plans.
• Recognition is granted based on improvement.
• Communications are seen to and is integrated fully into the business.

These main phases can be viewed as belonging to planning, communication, or some other area of leadership than self assessment. The main issue is to integrate everything into the business management effectively and in a natural way. Because self assessment is a process like activity, it is recommended that it is implemented in accordance with a defined process. The self assessment process indicates alignment with business in accordance with the organisation’s management model. The assessment is implemented effectively when executed in a process like manner.

The assessment criteria address important business performance areas and items to be assessed. The criteria are the basis for conduction orgnisational self assessment in order to strengthen an organisation’s competitiveness by:
• Helping improve organisation performance practices, capabilities, and results
• Facilitating communication and sharing of information on best practices among other

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