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I will never be content with just a participation trophy. I’ve always been one to fight for the trophy with actual recognition that represents hard work and achievements. So what would happen if i can't even get the participation trophy? In this case i didnt
The giant fan that sat on the window sill next to my table sent chills through my body the entire night. The darkly lit room and background noise of the hundred girls in the room added to my nervous excitement. I anxiously waited for the awards to start as I thought about how I would feel when I accepted my award. This moment had been in the back of my mind since the dance season started the year before. The obnoxiously loud fan blocked out most noise so I could barely hear the dance
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When the director got to our group again, I sat there and thought just clap for Zoe, as I held back tears full of disappointment. Zoe was another girl in my age group I suspected could receive the award. Clap for her, “Zoe Greear”. My body went even more numb and I could barely smile. The fan then seemed to drown everything out completely. I had to keep applauding with a dead smile on my face holding back tears. I wanted to leave right then and there, but I still had to sit through at least another half an hour of the awards. I couldn't leave, I had to sit there in that uncomfortable chair, frozen in a painful position I didn’t bother to make more comfortable. The second I got to my car, I immediately started sobbing. All the feelings I put on pause in the banquet were now immersing my entire body. I felt utterly heartbroken and worthless. I began to question why I danced, and why I ever tried to put in the effort of trying to stand out and be better if it never meant anything to anyone. Even more, I began to question why I tried my hardest to do anything in life because I felt as though I never got the recognition I thought I deserved.
The reason I didn't get any award could have been because of a mishap that happened with my parents signing me up for the event too late. This has happened to me plenty of times and I usually accept the fact that if there is the one thing that could go wrong, it will go wrong specifically for me, but this award ceremony was a moment
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