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Target Audience
There is no particular geographic segmentation for this issue, however the demographic and age characteristics can be narrowed down to people with hearing, mobility, developmental, medical and psychological disabilities (Government of Alberta, n.d.).
To further slim down our market we looked at specific demographics according to gender, income, and approximate age of individuals with disabilities. In 2012, there was a survey conducted on the age and gender of individuals in Canada who had disabilities (Statistics Canada, 2013). Out of those from 15 to 24, 2.2% had a psychological disability, 2.0% had a learning disability and 1.9% had a pain disability (Statistics Canada, 2013, para. 4). Among those aged 45 to 64, 12.7%
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6). One of the most common pre-existing perceptions towards assistance dogs are that individuals using these animals are just taking advantage of the system. In the online survey it was found that men have a higher misrepresentation towards both service dogs and emotional support dogs compared to women clearly depicted by the table in Appendix C (Schoenfeld-Tacher, Hellyer, Cheung, & Kogan, 2017, p. 10). This may be because women are perceived to be more comforting, as research has found that “increased levels of testosterone correlate with increased levels of suspicion and decreased interpersonal trust” (Schoenfeld-Tacher, Hellyer, Cheung, & Kogan, 2017, p. 10).
Another negative perception people might have towards applying for a service dog could be the cost of these animals. Because service dogs are not regulated under Canada, it can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000 to have one of these animals (Canadian Foundation of Animal Assisted Support Services, 2015). One needs to consider the level of training and commitment needed before taking on the responsibility of a service dog. For an individual with low income, having a service dog would be expensive and therefore they might look for other forms of therapy instead.

Motivating the target audience
Service dogs can help

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