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D. Promotion tools that use by Sensodyne Promotion is one of the most important step that must be done in order to have a successful product or service. Promotion can definite as the channel that used to communicate with the target market or potential consumer. Without promotion, there are no one is going to purchase the product or service because the consumers are unable to aware on the product or service. Therefore, a good strategies of promotion will affect the future of the product or service. There are few famous promotion tools that often use by the marketer which are advertising, sales promotion, event and experiences, public relationship and publicity, direct marketing, word of mouth marketing and personal selling. Sensodyne they also use promotion tools to promote their product. From the information that we collected, we found out that Sensodyne had used advertising, sales promotion, public…show more content…
Watson is the largest health and beauty retail chain store in Asia.With this method, the consumer that planning to purchase only one toothpaste they will change their mind and purchase two toothpaste because of the free toothpaste. Therefore, the sales of the product will increase within the promotion period and they are able to clean out the stock and may increase the inventory turnover rate. Sensodyne also cooperated with Chatime to launch their sales promotion. Chatime is a famous tea specialist franchise that located in most of the shopping mall in Malaysia. Within the promotion period, the individual who purchase Chatime’s drink at selected location will get a free sample of Sensodyne toothpaste. This is because the person who having sensitive teeth problem they will fill pain while drinking cold drink. Therefore they can try the Sensodyne toothpaste and they will know whether it is effective or

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