Essay On Sex Offender Rehabilitation

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Many states believe in rehabilitation for violent sex offenders while others believe in long term incarceration. Either way, the belief of proper legal sanction for sexual offenders are all the same. In states like Florida and New Jersey, laws were created to prosecute violators who abused, raped, molested, assaulted or kidnapped someone against their will. States then began to create laws that will give the victims of these horrifying sex crimes justice and in turn give the sex offender the correct punishment they deserve. When some civil commitment laws were revoked, the public’s outcry made states revisit and establish new laws that would help decrease the sex crime rate (Chittom and Cushman). Laws like Megan’s Law, Jessica’s Law, and Adam Walsh’s Law were created when their children had been abducted, raped,…show more content…
After the disturbing crime in 1996, her parents made it possible for the public to be notified through email and mapping software of high risk offenders relocating to their neighborhood. As for the offender, they have to register before the relocation so they can be monitored and tracked by authorities and the public. This law also has organizations that are dedicated to stop sexual abuse. They provide counseling, education, and advocacy. (
Similar to Megan’s Law, Jessica’s Law was implemented in Florida when Jessica Lunsford was kidnapped, sexually abused and buried alive. This law was passed 9 years after Megan’s and upholds a tougher approach to 3rd time offenders. It orders a minimum sentence of 25 years and a maximum of life in prison for first time offenders. Just like Megan’s Law, the offenders are restricted because they have to be tracked and monitored. This law also provides support groups, counseling and education.
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