Essay On Sexism In The Workplace

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Sexism is still an issue in modern day America, but people are beginning to take a stand against issues such as this. My first experience with sexism in the workplace was at a young before I even had the chance to start a career. From the time I was a young girl I was determined to be a veterinarian and proudly told people that whenever I was asked. Then one day a male family member told me something that struck a nerve. I was told to change what I want to do because I was a female and my job would be to stay at home and raise a family and my husband would work or that I should find something more suitable for a woman. Little did I know that comments and actions such as this would not stop there and for many women it continues when they officially enter the workforce. The term ‘traditional family values’ is used quite frequently in society today, but what do these values entail for women? According to these values women are to fill the rolls of caretaker, maintain the interior of the house, help the children, etc. Men however are supposed to be…show more content…
Women identifying as feminists report higher rates of sexual harassment and gender harassment while at their job but they were less likely to turn the harassers in for their behavior (Holland and Cortina 2013). The people committing these actions just reinforce what women are trying to fight against and proving that women need to keep fighting not only for equality in the workplace but a safe environment to work in. In instances that women did not turn in the people harassing them they may have felt that doing so would jeopardize their employment and their fight for equality would be made harder because employers may see them as a burden or the woman will be seen as too emotional reinforcing the
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