Essay On Shakespeare's Macbeth-Bored Of The Bard

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Bored of the Bard

Nicholas Cole delves deeper into modern interpretations of Shakespeare.

When you ask the first person you meet in the street, "What comes into your mind when I say Shakespeare?" and there's a good chance they'll quote one of the many famous lines such as "To be or not to be" or “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

There are countless situations like this in Shakespeare's plays. They are shown to have relevance as they reflect the mental state of the situation which we see ourselves pursuing. This means to be human, something that never changes from century to century, or country to country, despite all the differences in knowledge and culture.
Shakespeare's plays continue to be performed, not just in English-speaking countries, but throughout the world. Shakespeare's characters fall in love, and out of it, take a dislike to each other, betray each other, misunderstand each other, argue, fight and kill each other, are angry, sad, happy, jealous, envious, distrustful, untrustworthy, deceptive, magnanimous, forgiving. Shakespeare portrays these emotions throughout the plays, as in Macbeth it shows off treachery, love, anger and fulfillment. As throughout the plays that Shakespeare has written, he has created them as they can be reinvented in today’s society.
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Of course, one of the big arguments against Shakespeare's relevance is the language the plays are written in - it can be hard going if you're reading one of his plays for the first time, and trying to make sense of
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