Essay On Should The United States Take Manila Harbour In America

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The United States had many choices as to what to do with the Philippines. We could have chosen to do nothing, or only taken Manila Harbour, or even taken it completely over. The United States should have only taken Manila Harbour because the United States would have been able to access economic benefits, benefits from preventing other countries spheres of influence, and what the United States actually chose to do had negative results. By taking only Manila Harbour the United States would be able to access all the economic benefits. Because of the Philippines in relation to where China is located, we would be able to access the Asian markets as John R. Proctor put it, “The time is approaching when the cotton growers of the South, the …show more content…

Germany, Japan, and Russia already have spheres of influence in China. These countries were trying to force the United States out of Asia. In the map we looked at as a class, there were numerous countries who had influence in the Chinese markets. By taking Manila Harbour the United States would open a gateway to gaining influence in the markets that other countries are beginning to dominate. The costs of taking the Philippines in its entirety would drown all the benefits gained from establishing a greater sphere of influence and would put us in a worse position than we were before. As Carl Schurz puts it, “. . . If American diplomacy, having, after our successful war, the decisive voice in regard to those islands, is not skillful enough to bring about such results in the final settlement, it would certainly not be skillful enough to handle the more thorny problems which it would surely have to deal with in case all those islands should pass into our full possession.” By choosing to take only Manila the United States could keep out of war and continue to spread our spheres of

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