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Sicherheit - Short German Cinema Film Throughout cinema history, war films have played a monumental part in influencing audience’s perspectives on war, and I hope to do the same with my own dramatization of the traumas of war. Sicherheit (Collateral) is a German short film, drawing inspiration from real stories of devastation following World War 2, in order to confront modern audiences with real consequences of war and brutality. The film follows the memories of a young German mother whose son became a casualty of the second World War. A mother, Edeline Traurig, and her son Izaak Traurig play through past memories in which life seems bright and fresh, juxtaposing the brutality of the war outside their Berlin home during the period of WW2.…show more content…
Re-living Edeline’s past memories through flashback style editing, scenes of the two performing puppet shows and playing with teddy bears together creates a loving bond between the mother and son, giving meaning and outrage to the unnecessary and devastating death of Izaak as “collateral damage” as a result of a colossal world war. This short film is a very suitable choice to exhibit at the Sunshine Coast Regional Film Festival as it explores a very relevant ethical issue of war during these politically charged times, while utilizing elements of German expressionism to depict the psychological pressure of such past events. As a mother of 7-year-old Izaak, Edeline is shown experiencing two completely contrasting…show more content…
Edeline lies inside a cold, abandoned children’s playing tent, surrounded by broken toys and a cold environment. It is made obvious to the audience that she is mourning and by conforming to the conventions of German expressionism the depiction of her pain juxtaposed against her past happiness, following a non-linear narrative, emphasizes the impact the death had on her life. Manipulating paper and shadows, the narrative cuts between moments of pure joy with the two playing with shadow puppets behind the tent wall, then back to the empty, lifeless tent wall. As time goes on throughout the film, symbols of peace and child-like innocence that the two play with become distorted, representing the takeover of war. Using conventions of German Expressionism, sharp lighting and shadows has been vital elements in creating the impactful semi-surrealist styled short film. The climatic build up to the reveal of exact reason for Izaak’s death is intensified through looming darkness around each frame and the disturbing sound design that will recreate a panicked and racing mind. Substituting the child’s happiness with symbols of death and war, the audience will understand Izaak’s death was unnecessary and resulted in horrific pain for not only him, but his mother. This film’s use of the technical and symbolic codes of German national cinema heavily connects the narrative to the cultural and
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