Essay On Simone De Beauvoir

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Simone De Beauvoir was known not only as a great philosopher, but an activist, novelist, and intellectual. Although she was all these things she would rather be remembered as a writer, as she felt this would bring her closer to eternity. She would grow up through most of her childhood happy and God fearing, but would later lose her faith and begin a new path. This path would take her to meet her lover Jean-Paul Sartre, and he would go on to influence her greatest written works.
Simone De Beauvoir was born January 9, 1908 in Paris, France to her loving farther Georges Bertrand de Beauvoir and mother Françoise de Beauvoir. Simone’s mother, a Catholic, righteous, and morally rigid woman was quite the contrast to her father’s individualism and pagan ethical standards (Cottrell 5). Even with two very different parenting styles a young De Beauvoir flourished in all that she did as a child. At the age of two De Beauvoir became a big sister a new role that she was obliged to take on (Ascher 13). As she progressed in life De Beauvoir was the most content with life as she would ever be. She was blessed to have the people she loved most by her. At this moment, she understood what love was, as she felt how it was to be touched by an outside phenomenon (Ascher 13). At this stage in her life De Beauvoir could not imagine life without her baby sister, mother and farther by her side. When she reached the age to which she could receive schooling De Beauvoir attended the Desir Institute
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