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business environment itself. Thus competition among companies forced organizations to adopt process excellence methodologies like Six Sigma.
Smith (1993) described the approach to customer satisfaction taken at Motorola. It is based on two conclusions derived from various studies: A product is built in the shortest time and at the lowest cost if no mistake is made in the process; and if no defect can be found anywhere in the process of building a product for the customer, then the customer probably will not find one either.
Six sigma is a way to measure the probability of manufacturing a product or creating a service with zero defects (Behara et. al.1995). In 1995, General Electric CEO Jack Welch directed the company to undertake Six Sigma as a Corporate initiative, with a corporate goal to be a Six Sigma company by the year 2000 (Hendricks, Kelbaugh,1998).
After invention of Six Sigma in Motorola till 1995, in literature Six Sigma was considered as statistical tool but after 1995 when GE adopted Six Sigma, it became a business strategy and management approach. Thus we can make pre 1995 and post 1995 till 2001 two era of Six Sigma literature having two different approaches, Pre 1995- A Quality and Statistical approach and Post 1995-
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Although originally introduced by Motorola in 1986 as a quality performance measurement, six sigma has evolved into a statistically oriented approach to process and product quality improvement. Many organizations have reported significant benefits as a result of six sigma project implementation, though not all are yet success stories. Antony, J. and Banuelas, R. (2002) defines Six Sigma is a business strategy and a systematic methodology, use of which leads to breakthrough in profitability through quantum gains in product/service quality, customer satisfaction and

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