Essay On Slavery And Indentured Servitude

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Mid-Term Exam (Part One Essay)
Option 1: Using information from readings and lectures (no outside sources) describe the conditions of slavery and indentured servitude in the English colonies. Assess the relative severity of the two conditions and argue why one might have been worse, or equal to the other.
Slavery, in any form, is one of the gravest crimes against human rights. Whether indentured servitude or plain enslavement, its impact was enormous on the daily lives of the people subjected to it then and still continues to affect how we live today. Between the two, however, indentured servitude seems to be the lesser evil.
Discussions between Slave and Indentured servant have some similarities and distinction. During the 17th and
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After the contract of an indentured servant ended, they were given freedom dues. There was also the possibility of being given material items such as clothing, shoes, corn, and land (depending upon the rules of the colony) at the end of the contract for them to start a new life.
On the other hand, slavery in Colonial America in 18th century grew for three reasons: 1) high European demands for tobacco, sugar and rice laborer, 2) difficulty enslaving natives because they are pretty familiar with the land and managed to escape becoming a slave and 3) lack of indentured servants because most of the plantation owners were indentured servants before. Slaves were captured in native Africa, “unjustly dragged, by the cruel hand of power from their dearest friends or families” (ZINN, 57) and they were shipped to colonies and sold into slavery. They were considered as “Owned” and as property for life with no rights. Masters could not change the status of slaves often born into slavery. Based on the Petition on the Great number of Negroes (ZINN, 57) the life of slavery deprived of every social privilege is far worse than Non-Existence. Childbearing woman, however, are more valuable to their master.
There are similarities between slaves and indentured servants. They were both brought to the new world in a terrifying condition. Many of them lost their lives along the way because of hunger and sickness. They both received corporal punishment by means of whipping,
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