Essay On Slavery And Racial Oppression Of Black Artist

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Slavery and Racial oppression of the blacks was considered a norm centuries ago in America. The ever rising black population had a strong impact on the South in many aspects. This impact was not only felt outside the Black race, but also within the race itself. This is because, Blacks molded the south with their food, language, religion, music, and also their accents. All these factors affected how the Blacks grew to the level they are in today. It is very vivid that the Black artist in America today is extremely honored. All these would not have been possible without the slavery and racial discrimination they faced those days, which affected them culturally, psychologically, and also economically.
The black artist in America society today has been highly influenced culturally by the slavery and racial oppression the Blacks faced centuries ago. The North and the South subscribed to a belief in racial superiority, where whites discriminated the blacks because of the color of their skin and regarded them as members of an inferior race. The slave population in the south was
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During the era of slavery when the blacks population outweighed the white population, hence, the white southerners to feared the possible uprising of blacks. Whites could comprehend that the slaves had a reason to resent them and stop their oppression. This led to Blacks and some white antislavery advocates fighting against slavery to bring awareness to southern slaveholders of the cruelty they suppressed blacks in. This push and pull scenario has heavily impacted on the content composed by the black artist all through the ages. This is because the black artist has psychologically believed that he has to prove himself equal to the whites. Therefore, it is obvious that the slavery and racial oppression the Blacks faced has psychologically impacted the Black artist
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