Essay On Sleep Deprivation

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Death by sleep deprivation is a very relevant and apparent problem. Yet in today’s culture people glorify those who talk of how little sleep they get each night or boast of pulling all-nighters. Many people don’t realize it, but sleep deprivation is often linked to an unknown sleep disorder (Progressive Medical Center). These disorders come in many different colors and sizes, ranging from trouble getting to sleep to constant nightmares and waking in confusion. This may not sound very monstrous however, disorders like insomnia, different parasomnias, and sleep paralysis can be very scary and ruin people's lives. Lack of sleep puts you at higher risk for heart problems, stroke, obesity, and even mental impairment. Sleep is crucial to rejuvenate and restore the brain and to regulate your body's growth development and healing. Sleep disorders are seen as monstrous because they prevent people from getting a healthy amount of sleep, which is damaging and harmful in many different aspects. As Beyoncé once said “Having peace, happiness, and healthiness is my definition of beauty. And you can’t have any of that without sleep”(Beyoncé). One of the most essential elements to a great day is an even better nights sleep. When you wake up, your body has prepared you for your day. You will wake with better problem solving skills, the ability to make decisions, more creativity and a larger attention span. If your body is still in the developing stage, sleep pushes the growth process.

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