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Have you ever gone through a hard time? Did you have people in your life help you get through that difficult time? In Slob, by Ellen Potter, a realistic fiction novel, Owen, the protagonist, has a few people who help him get through many challenging situations. Also, in Every Soul a Star, by Wendy Mass, a realistic fiction book, protagonists, Ally, Bree and Jack, all help each other when they are faced with a difficult situation. In Slob, Owen is a boy who gets bullied a lot and has a low self-esteem. His mom, sister, and friends help him overcome his weaknesses so that he can become a stronger person. In addition, in Every Soul a Star, Ally, Bree, and Jack all help each other out when they are going through very difficult situations. Characters…show more content…
In Slob, Nima, who is one of Owen’s best friends offers Owen advice when someone was stealing his Oreo cookies. The text states, “‘But maybe you give this kid another chance. Maybe it was such kind of one-time mischief’” (Potter 38). This shows that Nima is offering advice that will help Owen deal with this particular situation by telling him to be kind and forgiving. Also, in Every Soul a Star, Melanie, Bree’s sister offers advice to Ally and Jack on how to survive in the real world. For example, “‘The trick is as long as you know who you are, and what makes you happy, it doesn’t matter how others see you… Jack says, ‘If you want to get teased all the time.’ Melanie shakes her head. ‘Kids respect you if you don’t show fear’” (Mass 229). This shows that Melanie is giving advice to Jack and Ally by telling them that they can be who they are and that they shouldn’t show fear. Characters don’t just help others by giving advice, but they can also provide…show more content…
In Slob, Owen’s friend Nima showed compassion to Owen when he told Nima that his parents died. This is shown in the text: “‘What did you say?’ I asked. ‘I pray for your honored parents. Also, I pray for the man who killed your parents.’” This shows that Nima is showing compassion to Owen when he prays for his parents who died. Likewise, Bree shows compassion to Ally when they talk about what Ally will experience when she moves out of the campground. For instance, “‘Drugs? Street Crime?’... ‘Sorry, but that stuff is everywhere.’ ‘Not here!’ ‘Well, everywhere else. But don’t worry Ally. You’ll be fine’” (Mass 129). This shows that Bree is showing compassion to Ally by telling her not to worry and that she’ll be fine when she moves out of the campground. In both of these situations, characters showed compassion to each other through their words, and, therefore were able to help each
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