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During our small group discussion we didn't have one leader, we worked as a group to come to an agreement. We used the "team player" form of leadership. We wanted to keep and maintain harmony through the whole activity. This was very effective and allowed us to get done in 20 minutes.

Criteria uusedecie The criteria we used to come to final decision was the short bios about the person that was given to us. The bios let us know their age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, schooling and a small back story. We tend to judge people on looks, even if it's subconscious, giving us the bio helped because we were able to know how they dressed and what they were like as a person. For example, one of the guys dressed like a gangster but he was in medical school, if we didn't know about his schooling we would of thought he was a 'thug' and a 'violent person' and immediately kicked him out.

In our group we had more functional roles than dysfunctional roles. For functional roles I saw we had opinion seekers, opinion givers, clarifiers, evaluators, energizes, and many more. I was a opinion seeker because I wanted to ask for clarification and make sure everyone felt the same about the action. The whole group played as a option giver because they stated their beliefs and their options. Our dysfunctional role was Jacob being late, we
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They are broken down into two types of norms, explicit and implicit. Explicit norms are clearly stated. What we had stated to us included, being on time for the project, giving a suggested time period (30 minutes), and following the written direction provided. Implicit norms are not stated, but are shown through the behavior and attitude of the group. Some implicit norms we used were laughing and joking around, being more friendly than professional, and everyone working hard on the
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