Essay On Small House Interview

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1.) General Considerations:
A.) The physical setting was on the second floor in the Rogue Community College library in study room number 235. The window shades were drawn up so the window had light coming into it. We arranged the room so that the clock was behind the person being interviewed. We put the clock on top of a garbage can about one and a half feet up off the floor. We placed all small objects in the room out of sight of the camera except for a lamp with a green cover on it. We sat against the wall on opposite sides of the table between us. The space between us was about two to three feet. We placed the camera at the far end of the table so we could get a view of both individuals doing the interview. The room was comfortable and had great lighting.
B.) The time frame that we set aside for the interview was an hour, though we would have been able to take up to two hours if needed. The person being interviewed had the clock behind them so that the interviewer could see the clock. We switched seats and roles so that we did not have to move the clock to the other side of the room. I interviewed Curtis for twenty-three minutes’ total. He interviewed me for about twenty minutes.
C.) Our planning for the interview was made a week prior and set for Wednesday at five-o-clock in the afternoon. That gave us a two-hour window to finish
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I constantly tried to scan his body language, however briefly, always bringing my eyes back into contact with the clients. Vocally I tried to maintain a soft, low tone. My hopes were the tone was calming and inviting. I found it difficult to track the clients tone and thought it was difficult to keep the pace and decide when to reflect or ask a question. I think in part this was due to the client’s tone going from soft, loud, to louder in no distinct order. This occurred all throughout the
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