Essay On Snowball And Napoleon

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JFK. John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Almost every adult, teen, and child knows who he is. He has inspired millions of people because of his speeches and attitude. When you hear him, whether it is from other people, or recordings or his words, his eloquence and a sense of compassion has driven people to be the greatest person they can be. He inspires people all over the country and he is a true leader. The Animal Farm by George Orwell shows the opposing sides to leadership. One side is assertive but opinionated and manipulative while the other is compassionate, intelligent, and shows eloquence. The characters Snowball and Napoleon are the two characters that highlight this feature. While Napoleon is an assertive, opinionated leader; Snowball’s eloquence and compassion make him a commander whose leadership skills far exceeds Napoleon’s.
Napoleon has shown his assertiveness through his actions when it comes to taking control of the farm. Since the pigs were naturally regarded as hierarchical figures at the farm, Napoleon uses his given position of authority as a launch-pad for his reign. A few weeks after Jones fled the farm, Bluebell gave birth to her litter, “Napoleon took them away from their mother, saying that he would make himself responsible for their education,” (Hardback 26-30). The confidence he showed in his decision to take in and educate the puppies proved that he is self-assured in his decisions made regarding the farm. This decision did not only affect the present and
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