Essay On Social Class Discrimination

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Social class discrimination is what one can observe every day in a life. People around the world have the different social status which is caused either by their degree or family and finally, there own personal efforts. As far as U.S. and Canada are concerned they also hold social discrimination but, how it is caused and how it is either heredity or circumstance is different in each country. However, in both countries the system is merit-based and either class has the chance of growing up or coming down and gain their own values. Nevertheless, in some odd cases, I personally believe the one’s status can be based on their ancestry’s class which on this occasion only it may not be impartial. “Stratification is natural, inevitable,…show more content…
Nonetheless, there are some odd cases that one gains social class based on ancestry which personally I can strongly say that it is not fair and most of them do not deserve that status. For example, in many middle-eastern countries, the new generation usually benefits from their father’s social status, no matter their own efforts. Additionally, this kind of ancestry-based social class has always existed in the world but in most countries, first world countries, governments stopped this system and opened the path for each individual to grow. Moreover, regarding the effect of one’s father social status, statistics show that the father’s economic status in the U.S. affects the child’s social status more compared to Canada. All in all, “The U.S. has less economic mobility than Canada” (Corak 2009). As in illustration, if a family lives in the lower class it is more likely for their children to be also part of the lower class. In my opinion, it is inevitable to stop this trend, due to the fact the opportunities that one faces in life is strictly determined by what his/her family can provide.

Regarding incomes, the upper class has far more income than others. However, those are only the minority of the world’s population and they are usually wealthy because of their ancestors. For instance, Donald Trump had been living in a wealthy family since he was born and currently he possesses a significantly high net worth, however, he personally put
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