Essay On Social Desire In A Streetcar Named Desire

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I am expected to have a high social class, like my oponent Blanche Ingram. Blanche is like everything a man in my society could ever want, she is beautiful, talented, a good host, from the upper class with suffient schooling. Blanche would fit everyone's standards as an accesory to a man. More often times than not the most unworthy men hold high power in social class, for example John Reed is only a few years older who deserves no respect, for especially the way he treats others. He bullied me for no signifcant reasons as a child and demanded respect from me without giving any in return. John Reed acts as if he has authority and likes to portray it through pyshcial and verbal abuse. Mr.Brocklehurst is similar but different, for he believes that women only want luxuries and that men can only provide. He attempts to humle the girls so that they can know what they deserve, as for he executes these actions with food deprivation and cutting their hair to take away their feminity. Even religion is affected by the power of men, in my time it was seen that only men had high power in the church for that women were just expected to help the clergymen. Women were on occasion to assist during Sunday school,but they never had any full duties or control. Also,being a working class woman as I am, is sought to make me not even considered a woman. For my poverty also takes away my feminity, for men are supposdly the workers and the breadwinners. In my time, a 'true' woman lives a life
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