Essay On Social Isolation

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Ping! This is a sound that almost all people of the 21st century hear everyday when a phone goes off. Ping ping ping! In a world as connected as the one today, many think of social isolation as something similar to the alienation that Hester Prynne was subjected to in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter when she was communally for committing adulteration. However, there is social isolation that is chosen by some, such as that of the people of the Sentinelese tribe, and of people living today on social media. The Sentinelese people inhabit an island about twenty five miles off the coast of South Andaman Island and have a violent reputation against anyone who has gone to their island. These tribe members have chosen to be socially…show more content…
For Hester these reactions caused her and her daughter Pearl to keep mostly to themselves for almost seven years. In fact, Hester gets so used to her social isolation and conversing to only Pearl that even when her community starts to accept her again, she still socially isolates herself. This gets to the extent that when “meeting with [people] in the street, she never raised her head to receive their greeting” (113). At this point, she is still punishing herself for her crime, and continues to do so for the rest of the novel. By the middle of the novel, Hester’s position within her community had changed greatly, with her having gone from a social outcast and the talk of the town, to being looked at as a valuable citizen who creates beautiful things. Despite her town’s change in view about her, Hester’s attitude remains the same towards all of them. This continues until the very end, wherein Hester returns to Boston, only to live on the outskirts of town where she had previously resided. It is said that she still does not interact with the townspeople, very similarly to her younger years. Social isolation is not something that is enjoyable for her, and she is using it to further her punishment. An antithesis of this reaction to social isolation is the Sentinelese tribe, off of the coast of India, who seem to enjoy being isolated from the rest of the world. The Sentinelese tribe is a tribe native to the North Sentinel Island, only
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