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In the World, today social media controls everything. Social media includes blogs, social games, chat apps, and photo sharing apps. “around 60 percent of the population has at least one social account” (Gordon). The generation of millennials have more than one social media account and are always on their phones checking those sites multiple times a day. In this essay, I will be giving more information about three different social sites, the features, capabilities, how to use them, and privacy settings. Facebook was launched in February 2004. There are five founders of Facebook and they are Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Most people only know about Mark Zuckerberg and do not know about…show more content…
There are three founders of Twitter and they are Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass and Evan Williams. Twitter is a social media platform where most of their users can say and post anything they please in 140 words or less also known at characters. People can disagree or agree, retweet, love, and comment on post. “Twitter focuses on speeding things up, often becoming a source in and of itself” (DeMers). Twitter is also where controversial topics become popular and talked about. Facebook “Users are encouraged to enter their real personal information and connect to family and friends. Because of this, many users feel they can’t post certain content for risk of offending someone like Grandma. By contrast, Twitter allows a level of anonymity; you can be yourself, but you’re free to create an avatar as well” (DeMers). Twitter’s monthly active users are nowhere near in comparison to Facebook and Instagram. Twitter’s monthly active users are at about a little over 300 million. Instagram’s monthly active users are at about more than 350 million. Facebook’s monthly active users are at about a little more than 2 billion. Instagram was launched in October 2010. Instagram has two founders and they are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Instagram developers also had some part of the Facebook development which means that there are similar connections between the two social media sites. Instagram is the most popular photo sharing social media site. Posting

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