Essay On Social Media

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The internet and cell phones are standard in most homes today, and their presence means we can socialize globally. There are no limits on how we can send messages and images without creating personal issues. The social media networks have vastly expanded and have made for negative problems from politics, entertainment, athletics, and amongst family and friends. “Social media can be broken down as interacting with people and sharing information through outlets such as the internet, TV, or radio” (Nations). Electronic media has evolved from the days of just having a home phone for communicating with family and friends. Social media is freedom of speech but is being used as a weapon in politics, toward innocent young people, and…show more content…
There have been cases where cyberbullying has led people, especially teens, to harm themselves. Cyberbullying could happen by using a computer, cell phone, and other mobile devices. It appears these activities take place during chat sessions with one of these devices. Usually, people prey on the weaker or timid individuals. According to CBS News, “a high school teen was bullied into committing suicide live on Facebook because of cyber bullying” (CBS News). This appears to be a growing issue that has become very common amongst teens and sometimes adults. “In 2011, approximately 9 percent of students ages 12–18 reported being cyber-bullied anywhere during the school year. Of those students, about 4 percent each reported that another student had posted hurtful information on the Internet and reported being the subject of harassing text messages,” according to the Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2013 report, by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) and National Center for Education Statistics Institute of Education Sciences (IES) (Kemp, Rathbun, and Morgan). Victims of cyberbullying must avoid situations that allow for this type of unacceptable behavior and report these incidents to someone responsible who can assist. There seems to be a tendency for our politicians to attack each other by way of social media. Attacks like these have made for a much divided political system, more than ever witnessed before. In
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