Essay On Social Phobia

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The happiness and comfort of people stem from their ability to adapt to the environment and people. To satisfy this need, they must interact positively in their relationships. People who are afraid of people will have adjustment problems, which will lead to a lack of happiness, a normal daily life, and the proper functioning of their tasks. This characteristic appears especially when someone is mixing with people, talking, or doing a certain job in front of people. Then, the person feels scared and ashamed. In addition, this person may not be able to speak, start stuttering or stammering. Some people who are afraid to face people sometimes feel some physical symptoms such as increased sweating, rapid heart palpitations, or dry throat. This kind of fear is called social phobia or social anxiety, which is the unwarranted fear. Social phobia is a chronic psychological disease that is due to several different causes.
Wrong dealing parents with their children during childhood is one of the most important reasons that makes a person suffer from this type of fear, social phobia. Ignorance and lack of adequate attention to children are one of the wrong dealings made by some parents. This disregard makes kids feel that they are not worth attention. Thus, they do not have confidence in themselves. Moreover, the lack of consistency in dealing with children causes them to be unaware of their parents' reaction to their behavior. For example, when parents are asserted in a particular
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