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Play is important for school functioning as it enables Amelia to connect with peers at kindergarten while learning social and communication skills (Rigby & Rodger, 2006). Direct observation of Amelia’s free play was conducted in the back garden and the Test of Playfulness (ToP; Bundy et al., 2001) was adopted to examine her degree of playfulness. Amelia participated in different types of game that predominate in the play of 0- to 7-year-olds (Takata, 1974), including riding bicycle (sensorimotor), making phone calls (functional) and playing doctor (dramatic). Amelia showed enjoyment during play especially in dramatic play like playing doctor, which she engaged in for the sheer pleasure of it without any particular goal. However, the
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This play activity was selected because, as suggested previously, the experience of pretend play and the social interaction involved were Amelia’s main source of motivation. In the play transaction the only relevant human environmental factor to consider is Lily. Lily’s response to Amelia’s verbal cues supported the play. However, 3-year-old Lily did not contribute ideas to the play and therefore, Amelia directed the play most of the time whereas in kindergarten, Amelia is expected to have playmates of similar age that participate in play as equals with her. Furthermore, Amelia’s play would be supervised by her teachers at kindergarten, imposing boundaries that limit play activities. Regarding the nonhuman environment, the objects seemed to support Amelia’s play. The amount and configuration of space in the garden was physically safe and supportive of play. In contrast, Amelia engages in pretend play in an indoor playroom with multiple playmates at kindergarten. The playroom may be clustered and result in limited space for Amelia to engage in exaggerated behaviours in play. Nevertheless, it may provide access to a wider variety of toys and materials to support pretend play.
Synthesis and Recommendations Amelia demonstrates competence in all developmental areas. She presents age-appropriate gross and fine motor skills across motor tasks including writing, feeding, drawing and throwing ball,
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