Essay On Social Problems

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What is a Social Problem Throughout society there are a multitude of social problems ranging from micro to macro scales. Social problems are considered something that negatively affects an individual’s state of being in a society. Unfortunately, there are a wide range of social problems that effect such a magtiude of people. Some examples of nationwide social problems: LGBT adoption rights, abortion, planned parenthood funding, transgender soldiers, death penalty, and many others. Some of the most pressing social problems in my community are racism, transgender acceptance, and abortion. These problems have always been in existence throughout society on a macro scale. My community has marches throughout the town to spread the word that abortion is not okay. Abortion in my opinion will never be settled due to the multitude of arguments that could be presented to make abortion widely accepted or denied. Transgender acceptance has become an issue due to the fact that we have an older gentleman that cross dresses and is in the middle of transitioning to a woman and wants to use the lady’s restroom. Being from a small town and having kept the standards from ancestors we do not accept what he is trying to do. Currently we are trying to resolve the issue by compromising with the individual by just allowing him to use the family restroom. Finally, racism is especially a problem throughout our community. A lot of individuals are racist towards black individuals and will not
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