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Social workers may work toward asking, why these 19 states are legalized, but the other states are not?
In the end, a social workers have two important things on his/her agenda. One, is providing the necessities and information to foster children. The goal is to teach them how to cope and with the older children, how to live on their own. Second, finding a foster or adoptive home, even if it’s with a same-gender couple. There is a critical performance that social workers can play in advancing full legal rights of their LGBT clients (Montero, 2015). In terms of direct practice, there has been a numerous amount of literature on best practice to address the needs for the LGBT community. Social workers, may provide research as to why some states have legalized only one form of same-gender adoption and other states are different (Montero, 2015). Research has been reported that there is no difference in the outcome of children raised by same-gender or heterosexual parents. More so, social worker are taking this information and using it for the
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Adolescent kids are aging out of the foster care system, scared, and not knowing what their future will hold. Meanwhile, there are laws that restrict gays from fostering and adopting. The same-gender community continues to fight for the same rights in foster and adoption as any other couple. However, Social workers play a major role in helping the gay community fight for their rights. They are working every day to provide children with homes and encourage same-gender foster and adoption. All in all, every child deserves a chance to be fostered or adopted out and restricting the gay community is not hurting anyone but that child. I think we should put our own values aside and think about what is best for the children without homes. Every child has the right to be loved and a law should not be able to restrict same-gender couples to give that

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