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1. What is the science of sociology?
Sociology is defined as a systematic arrangement of knowledge that indicates operations in consideration to the general laws. In a general approach, sociology is defined briefly as the study of how human interact in their daily social life. The word sociology is developed from two main other words ‘socio’ and ‘logos’. The meaning of socio is society and the meaning of logos is science. That means sociology is the science used to study human social life. In addition to this sociology is not concerned with only the social interaction but also the daily social changes.
Different approaches have been developed for the study and examination of sociology but never has there been an acceptable concept to this study. The reason is that sociology involves a study of human lives and the behaviors and therefore, it is a very complicated topic to study. Sociology is composed by various sociological theories which in many cases they contradict each other leading to a lot of issues about this topic (Horowitz, 2017).
Auguste Comte is considered the father of sociology because he was interested in the study of society mainly because of the changes that had taken place due to the revolution of France
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Industrial revolution caused the development of many inventions that led to an improvement of the government and social strategies. It led to better and improved living standards which made people to be rich and healthy. This led to an increase of people in the USA. However, also this led to some problems such as the environment and atmosphere that we live in was damaged, there was a large gap between the rich people and the poor people, Women and children had to work for long duration just to be paid a small amount of money and also it led to slums whereby many people had to live in small
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