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One day during my Sophomore year, it was softball season, so the JV team began practice in the High School gym right after school with a half an hour leeway till practice officially began. Most of the girls on my team stayed after school, changed in the locker room, while throwing around some silly giggles. We all stood, pranced, danced, and wiggled around the gym waiting for Coach Tribolet to show up to practice.
Once Coach Tribolet arrived, we all gathered in the center of the gym floor, quickly and began our stretches. We had arms swinging around like monkeys in a jungle. After the swinging arms, groaning with pain, and softball players falling over like a game of Jenga, we chose throwing parters to go through our throwing progressions. When a bad throw was made many of the girls were rocks dropping to the floor doing push ups. Coach Tribolet would call us all together when we were all done with our
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That day we were working on fielding, I hustled my way to the area second base would be. Coach told us he was going to hit us balls and we would field them correctly and make a good play. He began going hitting around the infield and we threw to first base, then we took it to second, after that he hit to the outfielders and had them throw into the catcher. When it got to our center fielder, Sam, she caught the high fly ball, but her throw was as sharp as a dull knife. The ball sank into the top drop down nets so we took a break from practice and all the girls began throwing softballs like a stone at a bird, the ball would just not budge so Coach decided he would give it a try, he had a ball in his left hand and a ball in his right. He swung his arm up and I had no idea I was in the line of fire when WHACK! I get hit in the middle of the eyes with a ball. I had no idea what just happened and who had hit me. I put my hands over my face as
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