Essay On Speeding And Driving

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Do you get upset when there is a person driving in the fast lane on the interstate or on the highway? Do you get annoyed when you see an elderly person driving ten miles under the speed limit? Does it blow your mind when you see a driver pressing their brakes when there is not another vehicle in from of them? If so, there is good news. There is now a law that fines drivers who drives slow in the left lane, who drives under the speed limit and who brakes for no apparent reason. If an Officer catches a person driving slow in the left lane on the interstate or highway, repeated braking, and driving ten miles under the speed limit the first offense will be a warning. If a driver is caught a second time, there will be a $50 ticket and the operator…show more content…
If the offender has been convicted more than four times and their license is revoked, it can cause difficulty for the individual to commute to and from work. To add, the individual will also have to pay fines up to $150 dollars if they are convicted more than once. Fortunately, there is a solution for the offenders who have violated the law, there is public transportation! Individuals have the option to either pay a small daily fee or a monthly pass to ride the public city buses. This way the individual can remain employed and by using public transportation there are less vehicles on the road which is beneficial for the environment. At last, it is now against the law for an individual to drive slow in the left lane of a highway or interstate, to drive under the speed limit, and to brake without proper reasoning. The solution to the issues listed above should help cut down traffic backups, road rage, and irritated drivers. Those who have violated the law multiple times can also benefit from the Annoying Drivers Law, individuals can now improve their driver skills and help cut down on pollution in the environment by using public
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