Essay On Stand Your Ground

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The “Stand your ground” decree has quite a few consequences. For instance the homicide rate continues to rise, there is no justice for the deceased, shooters stand justified, and often depart unpunished, and citizens are buying new guns. In addition, this law remains unconstitutional, and will influence the nation in a destructive way. These laws aren’t in the best interest of both parties in the situations. The deceased suffers no rights to be heard. The killer goes unpunished. Who has the best results in these circumstances? Shouldn’t the laws of America have the welfare of all its’ citizen in the forefront. Eventually the “stand your ground” laws should be reformed, since the minority clearly benefit from the law and the minority…show more content…
This statement is agreeable if somebody were being mugged, attacked or kidnapped. This is also agreeable if the deceased had a weapon and were breaking the law. However, in the cases presented the deceased were innocent, they were African American Blacks with no weapons, and they were children or teens that did not know why they were attacked. What if you were the person confronted and you did not know why? What if you did not have a weapon? What it you was a child or a teen. The first reaction would be fight or flight in everyone who is frightened. Can we understand why the situations will escalate? According to Jackman (2012) Why do people tremble when they’re afraid? This is because fear activates the “fight-or-flight” response, writes Kim Hellemans of the department of neuroscience at Carleton University in Ottawa. This response is governed by the sympathetic nervous system, a division of the peripheral nervous system that consists of nerves that originate in the spinal cord and make connections with diverse body organs. “When we are afraid, she says, these nerves send signals to our organs to prepare the body either to flee from or fight a predator of potential threat, increasing the heart rate, dilating the pupils and causing tunnel vision. While most of the situations did not escalate others did. The cases that did escalate the victim did not understand why they were
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