Essay On Stephen Curry

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We may have one of the best all-time NBA shooters playing right before our eyes. That player is none other than Stephen Curry. It has been apparent mostly this year in the season he is currently playing with the Golden State Warriors. With the NBA being quite contemporary, Stephen Curry has done things never before seen on the basketball court. There have been many NBA legends in awe and left speechless because of the talents of Curry. Stephen Curry has proven to best the best shooter in NBA history by having a great work ethic, inheriting genes from his father, and having the team he has around him.
The work ethic that Stephen Curry has developed over the years has really benefited him greatly. Steph’s mindset and determination to become better than he already is has sparked a flame inside of him. Curry finds different ways to train his body and create muscle memory. Here is Steph explaining one method for training. "All sorts of band resistance work, contrast stuff
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The team that Curry has is a record setting team that fits to his playstyle. Curry’s teammates helped him flourish to the special player he is today. Curry has teammates that are willing to sacrifice their points to help the team win and vice versa. According to the chart in (Stephen Curry Career Stats), it portrays how many assists Curry has produced. An assist is where a player passes the ball to another player who then scores. Curry has averaged 6.9 assists throughout his entire career and he has played with the same team all those years. Those plays involve an intricate set of movements that so far have been successful for Curry’s teammates. There are some who would say that those plays can be run for any player and have the same outcome. The matter of fact is that specific types of players have different types of roles and abilities. And Curry’s teammates have proven to execute plays and compliment Curry’s playstyle
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