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Leaving The Lone Star State

My dad always tells me to think about three big questions: where did I come from, why am I here, and where am I going in the end. Steve Floyd was born on December 19, 1968 at San Jacinto Hospital in Baytown, Texas. Throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school, he grew up in Baytown, Texas with his two parents, Mary Lee Floyd and Joseph Floyd. Steve was a great baseball player throughout his youth life, his little league team got fifth in the state of Texas. He also did great in school, he was the Valedictorian at his high school with perfect grades. Steve lives with two kids and a wife living in Spotsylvania, Virginia as an investment banker for Young and Partners in New York, luckily, he gets to work from home and spend time with his family. He also has a blog about the best presidential biographies, reading anywhere from five to ten books on each president in order, and putting a review on his website.
Steve is the oldest of three, with a brother and a sister. His dad worked as a chemical engineer and his mom stayed at home and helped out with cooking, cleaning shopping, or driving them around. He grew up in a neighborhood where all of his friends did the same thing, whether it included boy scouts, little league baseball, YMCA basketball, or church and a youth group, they all
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He no longer had nights and weekends free because my parents had to figure out how to take care of the new baby in the house. My parents quickly figured out how to bring me along on walks, places they usually go out to eat, and other things they did every day. Steve’s priorities changed too, he stopped focusing on his own wants and needs when he realized he had to take care of me. He told me that his goals for me have always been to be a smart, nice, and polite person in life who tries to make the right choices as much as I can, and to set myself up to have a very successful and bright
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